Barbie, Mario Among 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2023

Barbenheimer ruled the summer movie season, but Halloween is for Marbie. Greta Gerwig’s live-action Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling Ken-ergized the box office with $1.43 billion globally, beating the $1.3 billion high score of Nintendo and Illumination’s animated Super Mario Bros. Movie to become the biggest blockbuster of the year. The two highest-grossing films of 2023 also ranked among the most searched-for Halloween costumes, according to research conducted by QforQuinn and provided to ComicBook. QforQuinn shows Mario and Barbie costumes and accessories are at the top of the list, with the majority of sought-after Halloween costumes in 2023 inspired by iconic movie and TV show character outfits.

According to QforQuinn, Barbie movie-inspired costumes are the most popular Halloween outfits of 2023 from a total of 549,000 searches. The Cowgirl Barbie outfit, which includes hot pink flare pants with a vest top, a white cowgirl hat, a pink bandana, and white boots with gold stars, is the most sought-after Barbie set. That’s followed by Batman villain the Joker at 454,000 searches. Data shows people are searching for a red jacket and pants, a curly green wig, and clown-like makeup, suggesting the styling of Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck in 2019’s Joker movie. 

In the third spot is Wednesday Addams, with 407,370 searches. Recreating Jenna Ortega’s look from Wednesday — which premiered on Netflix in November 2022 and inspired a viral TikTok trend — consists of a black mini dress with a white collar, black socks, a double-braid wig, and black Mary Jane heels. It’s-a Mario in fourth place, jumping to 333,100 searches. To dress as the plucky plumber, people are searching for blue overalls, a red t-shirt, white gloves, and Mario’s signature red hat and mustache to complete their look as the iconic video game character.

Wednesday’s mother, Morticia Addams, ranks fifth with 287,650 searches. To complete the look of the Addams Family matriarch, the essentials are a long, black gothic-type dress, a long and straight black wig, white face makeup, and a pair of black pump heels. Tom Cruise’s hotshot pilot Captain Pete «Maverick» Mitchell flies to the sixth position on the list, trailing Morticia at 210,100 searches. To create the looks made popular by the original 1986 Top Gun and last year’s Top Gun: Maverick, people searched for blue jeans, flight jackets, Hawaiian shirts, work boots, and Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses, among the most sought-after accessories.

Surfacing in the seventh spot is Disney princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid with 128,860 searches. The costume features a signature shell cup bikini top and a shimmering fitted skirt with organza trim, complete with red wig and a prop fork (or is that a dinglehopper?) In eighth place at 128,350 searches is Spider-Man, consisting of a zippered jumpsuit and a Spider-Man mask or helmet.

Coming in ninth place is Buzz Lightyear, the Toy Story Space Ranger who wears a light-up jumpsuit and helmet, at 125,470 searches. Rounding out the list in tenth place with 82,620 searches is Grogu — a.k.a. «Baby Yoda» from Star Wars: The Mandalorian — with an outfit consisting of a tan hooded robe, a dark brown shirt front, a soft character headpiece with ears, and green booties.

Organic brand QforQuinn commissioned experts to identify the top Halloween 2023 costumes that people are searching for by examining the «pop culture trends + Halloween costume» search counts, as well as analyzing the most searched-for Halloween accessories for each costume featured on the list.