EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Reveals Big Changes for Rewards

EA Sports FC 24 is changing the game with how it’s handling rewards in Ultimate Team.

EA Sports FC 24 is out later this week if you’re one of the many players who decided to order the Ultimate Edtion. For everyone else, EA’s latest soccer game is out on September 29. With the name change, developer Electronic Arts is also taking several swings to change up how players build their Ultimate Team in EA Sports FC 24. This includes a new feature called Evolutions where users can select a player card and then level them up by completing in-game objectives, but also includes big changes in how rewards are being handled.

EA Sports FC 24 Red Pick and Champs Changes

Recently, EA dropped a new Ultimate Team Pitch Notes detailing most of the changes coming to the mode in EA FC 24. In previous games in the long-running series, one of the biggest rewards players could work toward was earning Red Picks in FUT Champions. Those players were a differently colored version of the weekly Team of the Week players. It’s a simple visual change, but they’ve previously been something players coveted because it was one of the cheap ways to upgrade your team in a big way purely by playing the game.

In recent years, EA has really begun pumping out promo content though, which has devalued the Team of the Week across the board, making Red Picks and Champs less worth the time investment. EA isn’t saying exactly what Red Picks will be replaced by, but does say you’ll get «rewards of equivalent value in-game.» That could mean that promo players are going to take the Red Picks place, which has been a popular request for the last few years, or EA might have something else up its sleeve. We’ll know for sure soon enough. 

EA is also updating rewards in both Rivals and Squad Battles. The goal is to make players in Division 2 and above in Rivals feel more rewarded and entice those players to keep moving up the ranks if their skill allows. Meanwhile, in Squad Battles, the team is shortening the games from 12 minutes to eight and says it’s trying to «improve the rewards balance between playing offline and online.» Squad Battles has often felt left out in many respects, so this could be a welcome change.

EA Sports FC 24 Release Date

As mentioned above, EA Sports FC 24‘s official release date is September 29, but you can get in a week early if you buy the Ultimate Edition. That version goes live on September 22 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC consoles. However, it is important to note that the Web App goes live on September 19. If you are new to EA Sports FC, this will let you log into your team early and start to build up your coins. 

Of course, you can’t actually play any soccer games through the app, but you can buy and sell players as well as open packs. If you’re someone who’s looking to take this year’s version more seriously, those first few days in the Web App are a great time to make a ton of extra coins before getting the game proper.