Galaxy S24 Ultra Telephoto Camera Specs Reveal a Disappointing Truth, Tipster Tells People to Upgrade to iPhone 15 Instead

There is no denying that the Galaxy S24 Ultra is looking like one of the hottest devices of next year. Recently, we talked about how Samsung could remove the 10x zoom lens from the camera setup and replace it with a 5x option instead, and now there is more news around this, and well, it is disappointing, to say the least.

Samsung getting rid of the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s 10x telephoto zoom could forever tarnish the reputation of its Ultra-series phones

In my original post, a lot of people talked about how they use the 10x zoom and do so frequently, and that is the same sentiment that I have held with my Galaxy S22 Ultra, but the Galaxy S24 Ultra getting rid of the zoom lens is not really a smart decision. I mean, even Apple users are renting the Galaxy S23 Ultra just so they can record concerts with the zoom lens.

Now, this is a disappointing situation because Samsung’s decision to go with a 3x 10-megapixel sensor and a 5x 50-megapixel sensor with 1/2.52″ 0.7μm specs is not really something that is good. Comparatively, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra offers you a 50MP 1/2.52″ 0.7μm for both 3x and 5x. So, I really am not sure why Samsung has decided to go with this downgrade. Sadly, if this rumor is true, it means that a lot of people might not go for the Galaxy S24 Ultra at all.

Clarifying the whole situation, another reliable tipster jumped in and talked about how the Galaxy S24 Ultra has seen a «substantial increase in production costs,» especially since the phone has a model with 16 gigs of RAM and is going to use Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 globally. This could mean that the top-end model could actually cost more this time, just like the iPhone 15 Pro Max is the only model that saw an increase in price.

Honestly, this is an unfortunate decision that Samsung is willing to cut down on one of the most prominent features of the Ultra phones. The Galaxy S24 Ultra should carry the legacy forward instead of just giving up and bringing specs that are not good enough. If it is being done to cut costs, then I would prefer if Samsung charges $100 more for the Ultra variant because this type of product serves a certain demographic of users, and they would be more than happy to pay more if they are getting the same, great experience they are familiar with.

Would you be willing to pay $100 more if Samsung retains the 10x optical zoom on the Galaxy S24 Ultra instead of cutting it down to 5x to save cost? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

News Source: Ice Universe

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