GTA 6 Fans Don't Get Surprise They Were Hoping For

Grand Theft Auto fans are losing hope for GTA 6.

Today is the one-year anniversary of the GTA 6 leaks. Suffice to say, September 18 is not the favorite day of Rockstar Games. What is though is the day before, September 17, the anniversary of GTA 5, the second best-selling game of all time and a game that has faithfully printed money for Rockstar Games since its release ten years ago in 2013. Not only is GTA 5 one of the best-selling games every year, but GTA Online makes an unimaginable amount of money every year via microtransactions. To this end, many expected the 10-year anniversary of the game to be accompanied by some type of substantial news. And some thought it would involve the reveal of GTA 6, or at least a tease ahead of a reveal. This didn’t happen though. There was no surprise after 10 years of waiting for GTA fans.

What was surprising though is that there was no news about GTA 5 either. All Rockstar Games did to celebrate the anniversary was release some new GTA Online content last week, ahead of the anniversary, and then on the actual day of the anniversary, issue a celebratory tweet. All things considered, it was a bit underwhelming. 

«Today, on the official 10th Anniversary of Grand Theft Auto V, we would like to thank you, our players, for your incredible support over the years,» reads the tweet. «This amazing community is the reason GTAV has thrived across multiple console generations and given us the opportunity to grow and update GTA Online with new features and content over these past 10 years, and your support is truly humbling. A massive thank you to anyone who has ever played, streamed, roleplayed, created, or shared from the world of Los Santos and Blaine County – here’s to many more adventures together!»

According to a plethora of rumors, GTA 6 is going to be revealed Rockstar Games this year. If this is going to happen it’s either going to happen sometime this month, next month, or the first couple weeks of November. Once the end of November rolls around and December comes in, many teams start going on holiday and marketing is focusing on selling product that already exists for the holiday season, not product that hasn’t released yet.