Gunblood Cheat Codes (October 2023)

Updated October 3, 2023

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Gunblood rose to fame due to its reflex-based mechanics and humorous gameplay. While few players use the mechanics to improve their aim, the majority of the population spend their time goofing with the AI. To further enhance this comedic experience, developers have added certain cheats to the game. You can easily use these cheats from the character selection menu to gain unlimited ammo, invincibility, and much more.

Common Gunblood Cheat Codes

You can enable the following cheats using the cheat box present during the character selection screen.

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  • NOHIT: Activating this cheat will trigger the god mode, and no bullets will cause any damage to you anymore. In simple terms, you gain invincibility. 
  • MOREAMMO: By default, you will have six bullets in your pistol, but using this cheat will provide you with unlimited bullets or ammo. 
  • POINTER: Your weapon will now have a laser crosshair making it easier to aim.
  • FASTFIRE: This cheat allows you to shoot much faster than the AI, enabling you to win most encounters.

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Level Cheat Codes for Gunblood

Use these cheats to complete the respective levels.

Level Name Cheats
Leve l- 1 LEVEL1
Level – 2 LEVEL2
Level – 3 LEVEL3
Level – 4 LEVEL4
Leve l- 5 LEVEL5
Level – 6 LEVEL6
Leve l- 7 LEVEL7
Leve l- 8 LEVEL8
Level – 9 LEVEL9
Bonus Level – 1 BONUS1
Bonus Level – 2 BONUS2
Bonus Level – 3 BONUS3
Bonus Level – 4 BONUS4

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