Mystery Detective Adventure Case 1 Walkthrough

If you’re a fan of puzzle mystery games, Mystery Detective Adventure is a great one to try. This casual game is filled with hidden objects and puzzles to solve in a thrilling, mystery-themed detective tale. Here’s some help working your way through the first case.

Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough – Case 1 Troubles on the farm

The first case will begin with us traveling to Easttown, where strange things have been happening at the local farms there. We’ll arrive at the farm, and we can speak to the nearby farmer to get some basic information on the case. The farmer states that someone has killed all his chickens. He believes someone is behind the crime and is trying to pin it on the mythical creatures of the town’s folklore.

Before we begin investigating, the farmer tells us we can drop off our items in the house. Inside, we can speak to the farmer’s wife. Unlike the farmer, the wife believes it is a creature because she saw it with her own eyes, describing it as «huge and creepy.» She’ll allow us to place our suitcase on the desk to the right.

Farm House

Click on the desk to place the suitcase and then grab all the items from inside it; you should end up with a knife and lighter in your inventory. Then, look around the room and grab the following items:

  • 1. Rope – On top of the chest to the left.
  • 2. Ladle – Above the stove
  • 3. Pincers – Above the stove

Also, make note of the small box on the shelf to the left of the stove. We can put items on the top of the lid to open it, but we’ll need to come back at another time to do this. After grabbing these items, we can head back outside to the farm yard.

Farm Yard

There are a few different points of interest you can investigate in the farm yard. Head to each one to look for clues and items you can use.

  • Window – On the left side of the house.
  • Dog house – On the right side of the yard across from the house.
  • Broken barrel – Between the coop and the barn.
  • Chicken coop – On the left side of the broken barrel.
  • Roof – On top of the house (reached with the repaired ladder).
  • Barn – On the right side of the broken barrel.
  • Fields Gate – On the right side of the barn.


In the yard, click on the window on the left side of the house, where the farmer’s wife mentioned she heard the beast climb up. You can find some evidence here.

  • Evidence 1/7 – Beast tracks
  • Evidence 2/7 – Beast claw (Use the pincers to pull it out).
  • Substance sample (Use the knife to scrap it off).

Dog house

In the yard, you’ll also notice a dog house on the right side. Click on it to approach and search it.

  • Evidence 3/7 – Scared dog
  • Boards – On the left side of the dog house.
  • (Collectible) – Watch on the right of the dog house.

Chicken coop

Now, back up to the yard again and click on the broken barrel between the coop and the barn. You’ll find the key to the coop door. You can use it to get inside the coop and investigate the farmer’s chickens.

  • Evidence 4/7 – Beast tracks
  • Evidence 5/7 – Broken board


After you investigate the coop, look at the broken ladder on the ground next to the farmer. You can use the items you’ve collected to repair it. Drag the boards and the rope over to it to make it functional again.

Now, you can click on it to prop it up against the side of the house and investigate the roof of the house.

  • Evidence 6/7 – Traces on the roof (Roof tiles)
  • Pouch – On the chimney ledge on the left side (Interact with it in your inventory and use the knife to cut it open. You’ll gain Flower 1/7).

Make note of the barn on the right side of the chicken coop in the yard, There’s a strange gear-like mechanic on the door. We’ll come back to this at a later point. For now, head back inside the farm house to test the substance sample we collected from the window.

How to test the sample substance

Back in the farmhouse, return to your suitcase and open the lower level (if you haven’t already) to find the microscope inside. You’ll need a few other vials of liquids from the suitcase as well. Follow these steps to complete the process:

  • 1. Attempt to place the substance sample in the microscope
  • 2. Put the ladle on the desk from your inventory.
  • 3. Fill the ladle with the substance sample.
  • 4. Pour the clear vial of liquid into the substance.
  • 5. Pour in the brown vial of liquid from the top right cubby of the suitcase.
  • 6. Pour in the blue liquid from the bottom right cubby of the suitcase.

With those items put into the ladle, take it over to the stove in the farm house to heat them. Select the ladle from your inventory and click on the red stove top to start heating it. It will foam up and turn reddish. Once the pot is taken off the heat you can collect it as your last piece of evidence for the farm inspection: Evidence 7/7 – Strange colored blood.

Once we have all seven pieces of evidence for the inspection, we can return to the farmer to discuss our initial conclusions. He’ll tell us about the fields dying and other troubles the town has faced due to these unknown creatures. The fields seem like a great place to continue our investigation, so he’ll give us the key to the gate.

Dead Fields

To continue to the Dead Fields, approach the gate on the right side of the barn and use the key the farmer gave us to begin unlocking it.

How to unlock the Dead Fields gate

The goal of this puzzle is to sort all the flowers so they are in matching color containers. For example, all the red flowers within the red square on the top left, all yellow flowers within the yellow square, etc. Clicking a flower will rotate all the flowers around it. So we’ll want to be careful which ones we’re rotating and use the rotation to move them where they need to be.

Since they rotate clockwise every time, it’s better to work from the edges inward. Try to rotate the pieces so that the colors are all lined up together; that way, you can just keep rotating them into the right locations together. Once it’s all put in the right spots, the gate will unlock and we can continue on through.

There are plenty of items we’ll want to look at here in the Dead Fields.

  • Tower – In the center of the corn field.
  • Stump – On the right side, just before the path to town.
  • Path to town – Past the tree stump on the right side of the tower.
  • Broken bridge – All the way to the right, next to the tree stump.
  • Totem – All the way to the left, next to the path to the woods.
  • Path to the woods – On the left side of the tower.

Tree Stump

First, approach the tree trunk on the right side of the area. There’s a chest covered in vines at the base of the stump.

Dead fields tree trunk evidence in Mystery Detective Adventure
Image by Pro Game Guides
  • Chest (Use the knife to cut the vines and collect the chest).

After grabbing the chest, take the path to the left of the tower toward the sawmill in the woods.

Woods – Sawmill

Taking the left path from the Dead Fields will lead us to the sawmill woods area. Here there are some more points of interest you will want to note. Plus, you can gather some useful items that you will need.

  • Sawmill woods area points of interest in Mystery Detective Adventure
  • Sawmill first time points of interest in Mystery Detective Adventure
  • Wood chopping block in sawmill, valve piece location in Mystery Detective Adventure

  • Crow – In the tree branch on the left (Press on it to scare it away and make it drop something from its beak).
  • Roots – Under the rock on the left.
  • Sawmill – In the back left of the area.
  • Stone altar – Under the tree in the center.
  • Fallen tree – On the right of the stone altar.
  • Storage shed – All the way to the right behind the tree with an eye.

You won’t be able to do too much in this area right now, but head to the sawmill (second image above) and do the following:

  • Interact with the machine on the right of the furnace and remove the gear from the inside (it needs to be replaced).
  • Interact with the log saw and remove the saw blade from it.
  • Then, look at the wood chop block on the right of the mill, and you’ll find a valve piece.
  • (Collectible) – Under the wood saw table.

Now, head back to the Dead Fields (i.e. go back twice) and take the right path toward town.


Using the path to town, we can head down and view a bunch of more items, and gather some useful tools we can use later. Here’s what you’ll want to look at:

  • Wagon
    • Tongs (Use the knife to cut the wagon canvas cover).
  • Shovel – Beside the notice board
  • Tree wind chimes (look for the red apple tree on the right)
    • Flower 2/7 – Hanging from the bottom of the center chime.
  • Planter – Part of the stone wall outside the Temple.
    • Sagebush
    • Valve 2/2 (After cutting the sagebrush with your knife – you cannot do this until later).
  • Temple (Speak to the Cleric)
  • Estate Gate
  • Well


The farmer mentioned we could speak to the Cleric for more information about the mystical beasts. However, the cleric doesn’t want to spill anymore information until the totem has been properly restored, protecting against the evil spirits.

Make sure to examine the following in the Temple (grabbing the Lampada and Totem book in the process):

  • Lampada – On the podium on the left side of the room.
  • Totem book – On the podium on the left side of the room.
  • Valve doorway – On the right side of the room.
  • Stone archway – On the far wall beside the room.
  • Model set display case – On the far left side of the room.
  • (Collectible) – On the floor beside the stone display.
Cleric Valve Puzzle

On the right side of the Temple, there is a doorway with cylinders. You won’t be able to start dispersing the liquid in the cylinders until you have both valve pieces. Return to town and cut the Sagebrush with a knife to receive a second valve (look to the left of the notice board to find the Sagebrush).

At this point, you should have the valve from the sawmill and the town planter. Return to the Temple and place the valves on the missing spots at the bottom, and you can begin solving the puzzle.

The goal of this puzzle is to fill the middle cylinder with all the liquid by turning on the valves and raising and lowering the presses in the smaller cylinders. Lowering one press will raise another, so we’ll need to do everything in the correct order.

If we label all the valves as A, B, C, and D, we can better keep track of them. Keep this in mind: A is unattached to the others, lowering B raises D, lowering D raises C, and lowering C raises A. When any of the presses press down on liquid at the first marker, it will dispense into the center cylinder. With that in mind, we’ll hit the valves in this order:

  • Starting from all the way to the left, press valves A, B, D, then C.
  • Then hit B to raise D to the top. Then lower D so that D and C are level.
  • Then, hit valve A x2 to disperse the liquid into the center cylinder.
  • Hit C x2 to disperse the liquid into the center cylinder.
  • Now, press D x2 to disperse the liquid into the center cylinder.
  • Press C once to raise A to the highest level, then lower A once.
  • Now, press C to disperse some liquid into the center cylinder.
  • Hit A x3 to disperse more liquid.
  • Then, hit C to raise A, and then D to raise C.
  • Press C again to raise A, filling it to line 2, and hit A x2 to dispense the liquid into the center.
  • (Now we will transfer the liquid from B all the way to A) Press B to raise D, D to raise C. Press B again to empty it into D.
  • Then, press C to transfer the liquid to A, and press D to transfer the rest of the liquid to C.
  • Hit A to disperse the liquid to the center, then hit C to transfer the rest of the liquid to A.
  • Now, hit A x2 to completely fill the center…