Next Xbox Release Date Leaked

The next Xbox may be releasing sooner than you thought.

It’s hard to believe it, but the PS6 and next Xbox aren’t that far away. In fact, we now have a good idea of when the next-gen consoles will release thanks to some official Microsoft internal chat logs that have surfaced online, courtesy of the Federal Trade Commission’s lawsuit to block Microsoft from purchasing Activision. More specifically, in a meeting featuring dozens of top ranking executives at Microsoft, including CEO Satya Nadella and CFO Amy Hood, as well as head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, the expectation is that the next Xbox console will release in 2028. 

There is one catch though. The catch is that this meeting took place in May of 2022, which means it’s possible it’s outdated information. In other words, there’s no way of knowing if this is still the plan, but it presumably is. Of course, if the next Xbox is planned for 2028, then the PS6 is also planned for 2028. 

2028 may seem too soon but it’s a pretty normal console generation. The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S came out in 2020. That would be eight years, a year longer than the Xbox One generation. Of course, if the aim is 2028, then it’s possible a slip to 2029 could happen but hardware is rarely delayed because of the extensive planning involved and because you don’t want to come out too much behind the competition, aka the PS6. 

As you would expect, Xbox doesn’t have much to say about the matter right now, and these chat logs leaking aren’t going to change that. If the next Xbox console is going to come out in 2028, then we won’t hear about it an official capacity until 2027 at the earliest. That said, and as always, feel free to leave a comment or two letting us know what you think. When do you think the next Xbox will come out? What do you want to see from it? And what games would you like to see release alongside the console?

H/T, Axios.