Starfield Players Slam Bethesda for Repeating the Same Mistake Again

Some Starfield players aren’t happy with the game’s companions.

Starfield players are slamming Bethesda for repeating the same mistake it made with Fallout 4. Starfield is finally out, after years of waiting, via Xbox Series X|S and PC. And most seem to be enjoying the new RPG. However, like any game it’s far from perfect. And in some cases, it repeats mistakes Bethesda have made in the past. To this end, Bethesda has never been good at making companions with players. Compared to other games, like BioWare games, or the recently released Baldur’s Gate 3, Starfield’s companions feel undercooked. And there’s also a distinct lack of evil companions according to the Starfield Reddit page, which is not happy about this. 

One of the top posts on the Starfield Reddit page over the last week — which has attracted nearly 8,000 votes up and over 2,000 comments — is a post complaining about the lack of evil companions in the game. It’s specifically titled «Game Is Suffering From a Lack of Evil Companions,» and many agree with it. 

«Seriously, everyone is a damn boy scout or a troubled teenager that talks shit but when someone actually puts their fists up they shit their pants,» reads the Reddit post. «Sarah was a massive disappointment for me, I’d figure she would be okay with criminal activity considering she literally says, do whatever you want. And I quote, ‘some of us have seen the inside of a jail cell.’ But she’s the most lawful person I’ve seen, and constantly bitches when I act like a scoundrel, Hell I’ve even tried avoiding murder while doing crimes and she still gives me shit. I’ve heard about those Crimson Fleet companions but I’ve noticed a complaint that they’re barely fleshed out or have any depth like the «main» companions and that is just aggravating to me. Seriously Bethesda, this is the second time you’ve pulled this b*******t and you know even then people hated it.»

Game Is Suffering From a Lack of Evil Companions
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As noted, many Starfield Reddit users agree with the sentiment, and are hopeful Bethesda will remedy the problem with DLC. However, if Fallout 4 is any barometer, this is unlikely to happen. 

«I agree, honestly. I’m hoping DLC adds some,» reads one popular comment. «For now, the Adoring Fan is my homie, he loves everything I do. I had high hopes for Sam Coe as a sort of rebel cowboy type, but God he’s boring. At least Barrett doesn’t mind theft.»

As always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. Do you agree with this take? Is the lack of evil companions a problem for Starfield? Meanwhile, for more coverage on the space RPG from Bethesda Game Studios, click here.