Starfield The Best There Is Walkthrough

Whether you choose to help the UC Sysdef or end up joining the Crimson Fleet, you’re going to want to complete this questline either way. It is one of the most interesting sets of quests in Starfield and gives you a taste of every aspect of gameplay, especially stealth. You’ll need to be prepared to be sneaky in the quest The Best There Is and steal an important item for the Fleet right from under the UC’s nose. Here are all the steps to help you get through this mission seamlessly!

Starfield The Best There Is Mission Guide

The Best There Is quests start after completing the mission «Breaking the Bank» and meeting with Naeva and Jasmine in Jasmine’s little shipyard office. They will run over details with you on how you’re going to go about stealing the Comm Spike and give you instructions on your next steps, which will be meeting with Huan Daiyu.

Huan is a smuggler who is going to help you gain access to the UC’s ship, SY-920. You’ll have to head to New Atlantis, on the planet Jemison, and then meet up with her in The Well. If you take the elevator beside Jemison Mercantile down to the well, you’ll see Kay’s House diner right in front of you when you enter, which is conveniently where you’ll find Huan.

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Instead of going inside the restaurant, use the stairs to the left side of the entrance to walk up to the upper level, and then you can speak to her about the game plan. After discussing some details, you can head out of The Well and back to the Spaceport, where Huan’s ship, The Jade Swan, will be waiting. Board the ship, and you’ll be on your way to the SY-920.

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Once you reach the SY-920, this is when your stealth is going to come into play. You’ll want to lay low and avoid fighting at any cost because this ship is full of powerful UC soldiers. If you follow these steps, you should be able to breeze through it easily:

How to get a uniform for The Best There Is in Starfield

When you arrive at the SY-920, you’re going to want to find a uniform to allow you to blend in and get past the security checkpoints unless you’re extremely good at Persuasion. To find your disguise, you’ll need to maneuver your way to the barracks undetected.

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At the main checkpoint through the docking bay, take a left instead and use the elevator to head to the lower level. Here, you’ll find a locked door leading to the maintenance storage area, alongside a comm you can choose to speak to Huan on. Speaking to Huan on the comm is completely optional every time, but she can give you some hints if you need them.

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To get through the door, you’re going to have to pick the lock or speak to Elijah. If you need some extra digipicks, you can find some near a computer on the same level. It’s an Advanced lock, so if you don’t have the proper skill, you can opt to find a different way to get through the door, which is to speak to the character Elijah. After hearing some other guards talk about losing his key or finding out via the computer, you can talk to him and eventually steal his key to get inside.

Once you get through this door, you’ll want to take a right into the door labeled Storage. In this room, you’ll find a vent that will lead you to where you need to go for your uniform disguise, completely undetected.

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In the vents, there will be two paths: one leading to a room with some patrolling guards and a slope leading up. You’ll want to continue up to the top vent exit, which will lead into a bathroom. The bathroom is clear of any guards so that you can exit the vent comfortably into the room; however, continuing on from this room, you’ll need to be extra careful. There are patrolling guards watching the hallways to the barrack rooms.

You’ll want to wait for the guard to pass and then exit the bathroom toward the right to enter the first door on the right side. Once you’re inside, close the door behind you to avoid being seen by the guard again, and you’ll find Ensign Ziremi’s uniform on the desk in the right corner. Put it on immediately. You will now be able to walk around without fear since the guards will think you’re one of them.

Now that you have the uniform on head out of the barracks to the right and follow your quest marker toward the Transport Lifts. You’ll be able to get past one checkpoint by simply telling the guard that you’re on duty and playing it cool.

How to get Ensign’s security code in Starfield

When you get to the Command Bay, after using the elevator with Ensign’s ID Card, you’ll have the option again to speak to Huan on the comm to update her on your progress. You’ll now be heading toward the Operations Center, but to get past this security checkpoint, you’re going to need to know Ensign’s security code, which means you’ll need to hack into a computer and look it up.

Head around the corner of the checkpoint to the Security office. Inside, there will be a locked computer. This computer is only a novice lock, so you should be able to break through fairly easily. On the computer, look up the code by last name, selecting Q-Z for Ziremi. Then, you’ll be able to see Ensign’s code: ZX32ID. You’re going to want to remember the code because you’ll have to select the dialogue options when passing through the checkpoint. Choose the right code, and the guard will allow you to enter.

Now, you enter the Archives and use the computer to look up data on the Comm Spike. You’ll also want to take this time on the computer to upgrade your security clearance, making it a lot easier to navigate through checkpoints.

Should you betray Huan Daiyu in Starfield?

Once you enter the Engineering Bay, you’ll have one more opportunity to talk to Huan on the comm. This time, I would suggest doing it since she’ll tell you she is getting ready to leave, and you’ll have a chance to express yourself to her however you feel fit, including warning her if you’re going to throw her under the bus or not.

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Then, you’ll continue to the lab where Dr. Vogel is working. This is when you’ll want to be sure to save and choose your dialogue carefully, as it will have consequences. To properly get access to the Comm Spike, which happens to be on a prototype ship, you’ll need to make a choice: betray Huan to cause a distraction or persuade Vogel that you’re a test pilot.

Whatever choice you make, you will be able to get out with the prototype; however, your choice will affect what happens to Huan and your connection with her. If you choose to betray her, she will be apprehended by the Sysdef and absent later on in the quest line. If you don’t betray her, she will put in a good word to Delgado and assist you later on in fighting against the Sysdef if you choose to side with the Crimson Fleet.

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If you want to keep a good standing with the Crimson Fleet, I would suggest using your persuasion to convince Dr. Vogel instead. Then, he will give you access to the Comm Spike and some instructions on how to get through the checkpoints properly.

Where to get a pilot suit for The Best There Is in Starfield

To escape on the prototype ship with the Comm Spike, you’ll need to take a few more precautions. First, you must look the part of the test pilot, so you’ll need to get a new disguise.

Head around the corner from the lab, and you’ll see the entrance to the locker room. Inside, walk into the far left corner, and you’ll see a suit on the bench for you to grab. Make sure to put this on so you can head through the next security checkpoint. You’ll want to tell the guard that Dr. Vogel approved, and they’ll let you through with no problem.

Should you schedule a test flight during The Best There Is in Starfield?

Now, you’ll be faced with more choices: continue straight to the prototype ship or schedule a test flight. This is another optional choice, but I would highly recommend taking the time to schedule the flight since you’ll be able to escape a lot easier if you do. This will also depend on whether you choose to betray Huan or not.

To schedule a test flight, you’ll just have to make a slight detour to another security office. Instead of continuing straight through the Docking Ports, take the door to the right to the Flight Control room. Inside, you’ll be able to access the computer automatically since you now know the password from Dr. Vogel. On the Flight Control computer, press Select Project to Add, and then Project: UCE-86 Comm Spike.

You will now be able to escape without any issues at all. Simply head back down and through to the Docking Bay and then use the ID Scanner again to unlock the port to the prototype ship. With the test flight schedule, you will be cleared for launch and can undock the ship from the SY-920. Now, fast travel back to the safety of The Key.

If you didn’t betray Huan, you will have the opportunity to speak with her in the Last Nova. Then, you’ll have to turn in the quest to Delgado in the command bay. After reporting back to the UC Vigilance with your new information, you’ll have successfully completed the mission and can continue to another intense stealth mission, «Absolute Power.»

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