Xbox Game Pass Adding Gotham Knights and 4 Day One Releases Soon

Gotham Knights and several more big games are coming to Xbox Game Pass.

While Xbox grapples with all sorts of leaks right now, its typical announcements like the reveal of new Xbox Game Pass games are going on regardless with Xbox announcing this week several of those Xbox Game Pass games that are coming to the subscription service soon. One of those, Gotham Knights, is a totally new announcement, but several of the other ones announced may have already been known but for a good reason: they’re day one releases that’ll come to Xbox Game Pass on the same day that they’re widely released. Combine those with the Bloodborne-like Lies of P that’s now officially on Xbox Game Pass, and you’ve got quite the collection to look forward to.

If you’ve got a day one release that you’ve been looking forward to like Party Animals, The Lamplighters League, Payday 3, or Cocoon, one of those will almost certainly be the headliner for this next Xbox Game Pass drop, but otherwise, Gotham Knights is the real surprise here. The game released in October 2022, and while it received middling scores at launch and was criticized for some of its RPG mechanics, it provided some deep cuts for DC fans while taking the risk of not allowing Batman to be a playable character.

You can find the full lineup for the new Xbox Game Pass games coming soon below alongside release dates and platforms with Lies of P also included since it’s out today.

New Xbox Game Pass Games for September 2023

  • Lies of P (Cloud, Console, and PC) — Available today
  • Party Animals (Cloud and Console) – September 20
  • Payday 3 (Cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X|S) – September 21
  • Cocoon (Console and PC) – September 29
  • Gotham Knights (Cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X|S) – October 3
  • The Lamplighter’s League (Cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X|S) – October 3

Is Gotham Knights Worth Playing?

With so many day one releases included in this latest Xbox Game Pass lineup, spending time with a game that’s been out for a year might be a hard sell. So, is Gotham Knights worth revisiting or playing for the first time?

The game’s naturally gotten several updates over the course of its life to resolve many of the issues players encountered when it first released, but our initial review of the game gave it a 3/5 due to some of its glaring issues. An excerpt of that review can be found below with the full read found here to help you decide if Gotham Knights is worth a playthrough:

«Ultimately, I enjoyed Gotham Knights for what it was – a basic superhero game that provides players with plenty to do. It will not live up to the standard of the height of the Batman: Arkham series, but it’s still a fun game, especially if you want to just tune out and beat up some nameless thugs. There is plenty of room for improvement in Gotham Knights, but this game provides a solid enough foundation for future installments, and I enjoyed a game that looked at the wider Batman family rather than focusing on just one character.»